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Being part of God’s mission in Uganda impacts our lives. Not only on ours, but definitely on that of our children….

For us, there is no better work than serving the growing church of Africa. It is not just work, we are part of a community that is shaped by God’s mission on an extraordinary continent. A community committed to reaching even the last people groups with the gospel. 

We had to leave our oldest children Joas and Noëlle, Rhodé and Tom behind in the Netherlands. The first year in Uganda the four of us (Cees, Miriam, Obed and Moses) lived and worked in the capital Kampala. Our move to Karamoja had big consequences. Because there is no suitable school for Obed and Moses in Karamoja, they will attend Rift Valley Academy in Kenya from August 2024. This school is in Kijabe and is an AIM boarding school for missionary children, which has been there for more than 100 years. From Kotido to Kijabe is 800 km an average 16-hour drive.