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Our mission

Our calling and mission…

We see missionary work as a calling and privilege. Through Miriam’s experience as a mission kid, mission has been part of our family since the beginning of our relationship. Together we felt strongly drawn to serve where the church is young, and where the gospel is reaching new areas. 

The years in Zambia and Malawi (2006-2016) showed us the value of being able to build the church together with local pastors and church leaders. There is great joy and fellowship in opening the Bible together and apply it to everyday life prayerfully. We acknowledge that we have been given gifts that help in this learning process.

We are driven by the love of the Lord Jesus, who took care of people who were like sheep without a shepherd. We love Africa. We have longed for years to be part of God’s work there again.

Our expectation is that with our experience we can have a strategic role in the work Africa Inland Mission is doing in Uganda. There are churches in the remote area of Karamoja, but also there are still large groups of people not reached with the gospel. For them, there is no church, no Bible or someone to walk with them how to know and follow Jesus. By equipping, training, and encouraging Ugandan pastors and evangelists, the church is being strengthened and new groups are being reached. 

Over the last few years, Cees was already allowed to visit Karamoja for NET Foundation. From this orientation the conviction grew that God wants to engage us for this very area. Now that AIM has appointed us to work with their team in Uganda, this confirms our calling. We believe we may be a link in God’s mission to invite the people of Karamoja into his flock.